City Transport

Location: Barcelona
Company involved: Worldline
Activity field: Transportation
Application: Mobility services
NAME City transport
Number of entities to test 1
Number of users per entity 5000
Total number of users 5000
App- City transport

In this experiment a mobile application will be developed that will permit citizens to consult the geo-located multimodal city transport availability and waiting times. The application will be connected to the servers of the different transportation administrations in order to obtain the real-time data of each transport. The data provided by each transport will include the schedules and the associated geographic information.
The data associated to each transport will be managed as a different layer of information within the app, and thus allowing the management of different layers of information at the same time. The application will be developed allowing the easy integration of new data from different cities, and thus contributing to the approach of CloudOpting to share services among different cities.