The Objectives

To foster the adoption of cloud computing by Public Administrations ensuring the interoperability of the solution across borders in Europe.

To deploy up a Shared Cloud Based Open Platform as a Service.

A marketplace that enables governments and business to consume and deliver digital public services.

The Impact

Increase the usage of cloud computing by Public Administrations.

Provide consumer-oriented tools and interfaces to offer new opportunities for the development of innovative services by third parties, especially for SMEs, using public information repositories.

Create best practices for the adoption of cloud computing environments across Europe.

The Status of the Outcomes of the Project

Workpackages 1 – Coordination and Project Management


Workpackages 2 –  Open Cloud Shared Platform Architecture

Platform Technical Requirements
Architecture of the CloudOpting Platform
Integrated CloudOpting Platform
Background platforms adaptation and interfaces

Workpackages 3 – Deployment and shifting existing and new innovative  cloud services

Technical and legal requirements reports
Migration Experiments

Workpackages 4 – City Pilots Deployment and Validation

Specification of pilot scenarios and evaluation criteria
Publish Services
Piloting Services
Evaluation Pilots

Workpackages 5 – Business Models and sustainability of the solution

Operation business model and TCO Framework
Opportunity Assessment Business Case to migrate to Cloud Platforms
Local Action Models

Workpackages 6 – Dissemination

Dissemination Plan
Website and Social Networking exposure