Smart City Cloud Expert System

Brief description of the service:

Within this experiment Sant Feliu de Llobregat will develop a general purpose, highly customizable, cloud expert system. In the first place, we shall use this system to control a “smart city” infrastructure.

The expert system will be organized in modules. Each module will be focused on a specific subject: irrigation control, facility energy management, traffic control, etc. Modularization is necessary to build a complex system because facilitates its management and maintenance.

The cloud expert system will be composed by these main components:

– Rule engine: store and evaluate business rules
– Expert system console: low level web interface for programming the rules
– Visual rule editor: high level web interface for programming the rules
– Monitoring tool: 3D viewer to visualize changes in environment caused by the expert system

Scope and purpose of the project:

To develop and improve a cloud expert system with at least the following modules: irrigation control, facility energy management and traffic control.